Friday, 27 June 2008

"murandak" (black arm band) - LIFT @ southbank

thursday 26th june 2008

black arm band
QEH, southbank

'An astonishing array of Australian musical talent telling the story of Aboriginal resistance' - The Age

Featuring artists Archie Roach, Ruby Hunter, Shane Howard, Dan Sultan, Bart Willoughby, Dave Arden, Shellie Morris, Emma Donovan, Joe Geia, Kutcha Edwards, Lou Bennett, Mark Atkins, Rachel Maza Long, Stephen Pigram, Ursula Yovich and Peter Rotumah.With parallels to Cuba’s Buena Vista Social Club comes the inspirational music from Australia’s black protest movement, performed by contemporary Aboriginal musicians and their collaborators; and introduced by actor Pete Postlethwaite (In the Name of the Father, Brassed Off).
For the first time outside Australia, Murundak, a 28-piece ensemble, accompanied by a backdrop of film images, reveals a largely hidden, sometimes confronting and ultimately uplifting portrait of contemporary Aboriginal life and the heartfelt music that accompanies it.
‘It’s like a condensed history as well as a contemporary journey into the
Australian landscape: cultural, political and spiritual‘ – Times

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