Friday, 9 May 2008

"model love - a lovers' manual" (bodies in flight)

thursday 8th may 2008

"model love - a lovers' manual"
a 4-hour performance-installation
presented by bodies in flight

devised by:
edward dimsdale ~ photography
catherine dyson ~ performer
sara giddens ~ choreography
sam halmarack ~ music
simon jones ~ text
graeme rose ~ performer

with tom wainwright on video, editde by tony judge

part of bac burst

"...somewhere between soundbytes, sonnets and songs, our fifteenth performance work - a dark and surreal exploration of modern dating - begins with a mysterious book of photographs - a lovers’ manual - claiming to record that exact moment when two strangers’ eyes meet and it’s love at first sight. known for our innovative collaborations with sonic and visual artists, we are working with photographer - edward dimsdale whose bespoke photo-books are at the passionate heart of this new work. part investigators, part impersonators, three performers bring to life his unique series of images with our characteristic mix of live music, poetry and high-octane performing..."

"please feel free to move around the room, look at the books & photographs, open the drawers of the small cabinet in the corner.

"please do not touch the electrical equipment or the printing press.

"as this performance-installation lasts four hours, why not return later to see how the material has developed."

programme notes:

raiding dating sites and surfing handy hints on online romance, with live music and performance, "model love" takes you on an intimate journey through mysterious images that claim to record the exact moment when two strangers' eyes met and it was love at first sight.

amongst a sea of lonely-hearts self-portraits, a singer sets their poignat postings to music, whilst a performer gathers up photographs and begins carefyully sewing them, leaf by leaf, into a book. do these images capture the instance of love at first sight? are they perhaps an allegory of the photographic moment itself? in a corner another performer slowly dismantles a book, re-contructing the images into a love-triangle's never-ending narrative: three into two won't go. is this a doomer love affair? or a post-mortem for the photographic image itself?

this show caught me surprise and i wish i had been able to see more of it...

photos hung on lines
a woman in a black dress sewing photos into a book, looking at photos on the line, leaving by a door at the end
a man in black clothes cutting up photos in a book with a scalpel at the same time projecting images of this - photos and cutting onto a screen, sticking parts of photos on to the creen and writing garffiti - "this is not me" and photos onto a wall making a slowly increasing mosaic
both performers mic'ed (altho their text still very hard to hear clearly - him saying "i am lost" i caught but not so much else
both performers dancing in synch but unconnected - jerky repeated moves, arms splicing down to the one outstretched foot, then out crucufixtion-like
the musician making atmospheric sounds and singing sad love songs

a show i would have liked to watch through...

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