Wednesday, 16 July 2008

"the lavender library" w stella duffy

Tuesday 15 July:

Queen Elizabeth Hall
A panel of writers and performers celebrate the legacy of lesbian and gay literature by championing their favourite books and authors. Featuring

Rupert Smith on John Rechy,
Diana Souhami on Gertrude Stein.
David McAlmont on James Baldwin,
Stella Duffy on Patricia Highsmith,
Paul Burston on Pickles,
Andy Bell on Joe Orton,
Karen McLeod on Julia Darling, and
Julian Clary on EF Benson.
Presented by Suzi Feay, books editor of the Independent on Sunday.

The Lavender Library

Grown-up and intimate
Rich insight into the complex mixes of how we make our queer identities and how queer artists find their voices and confidence and inspiration
An easiness in this space and time that we are reminded we cannot take for granted

We forgave performance shortcomings because we trusted that we were being given authentic presentations - we believed all the presenters were bringing us what was true for them rather than something that was more about slick presentation - also that every presenter had chosen to bring something they genuinely cared about

And it felt friendly - i wanted to belong to/ in this group

Impressed at how comfortable each person seemed even when there were signs too of their nervousness

Amazed for the umpteenth time at where the hell Stella Duffy gets her fabulous chutzpah from.

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