Thursday, 3 July 2008

"bANGER - the power hour" (tara cheyenne friedenberg) - LIFT

wednesday 2nd july 2008

bANGER – The Power Hour
Tara Cheyenne Performance
Supported by the City of Vancouver / British Columbia Arts Council / Canada Council for the Arts

Seducing the audience with comic, character-driven sequences, Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg fuses dance and theatre to create a powerful and memorable performance. Pushing extremes, bANGER – The Power Hour combines humour and satire to explore gender, masculinity and adolescence.
Morphing through fast-paced gender bending characterisations, Friedenberg takes us on a journey through the world of high school as seen through the eyes of a young man driven to find his place in the world.

Amazing transition from a quite delicate nubile young woman comically fantasising about being a man as she gymnastically dresses into actually becoming several versions of a man so convincingly in fact that even when I tried to see the woman inside the man i couldn't
So she gave us-
An adolescent dork being bullied and retreating into his fantasy of heavy metal music, world war two history, recording heavy-meaning poetry onto an answamachine. abortively
A gun expert turning into a bit of a lecherous creep turning into Nazi

and several other versions of maleness all precisely observed and completely recognisable
and all achieved through the power of her movement with a bit of help from lights and sounds

total commitment

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