Monday, 18 August 2008

Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller @ fruitmarket gallery

Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller
@ fruitmarket gallery

Exceptional experience again!

Glorious experience with 'opera for a small room' in the dark - speakers arranged around the room

A new work - giving its name to this exhibition - the house of books with no windows is beautiful -inside and out

The Killing Machine is mostly just a curio this time - albeit an ingenious one - but still succeeds in giving me a little chill. And I am still unable to press the 'start' button.

The movie -name?- is rehoused into a small container toy theatre that 3 people can listen thru and Seems to combine both the opera diva and the film noir pieces from macba Barcelona

The Dark Pool is as rich and evocative and secretive and seductive as the first time _ although by this i was out of time and had to push through too quickly to get fully transported in C. saw this first and loved it- S. saw Opera with me and beamed as happily

And the fruitmarket gallery have made a video showing Janet and George talking about and making their work and this is fascinating - including the manequin with a head full of microphones to record sound as closely as we humans can hear it.

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