Sunday, 22 March 2009

*** Kinkan Shonen + Toki (Sankai Juku)

19 November 2008
Kinkan Shonen (Kumquat Seed)

23 November 2008
Toki (Time)

Sankai Juku
Direction, Choreography and Design ~~~~~~~~~~ Ushio Amagatsu

Ushio Amagatsu (toki)
Semimaru (toki)
Sho Takeuchi
Akhito Ichihara
Taiyo Tochiaki
Ichiro Haseqawa
Dai Matsuoka
Nobuyoshi Asai

Sadlers Wells
A soldier - he comes towards us - salutes - eats sand - grins eats sand again - grins again - eats sand

Four men in long skirts and masks of artful disfigurement dance together - their hands are huge and sometimes claws - then they are entwined together almost loving - then they are a gyrating diagonal line - now they are still gyrating bare bottoms in our faces - sexy rude funny subversive

A man and a peacock locked together face to beak come towards us - slow - they are one entity - then they are two separates dancing together - then they are man and ornamental bird the cock perched on his back - then they are apart: the dancer sinuously moving the bird still and watching - he will stay present for the rest of the show

Then another three dancers arrive so we are given a couple a single man and a man and a peacock - near naked the couple show us fighters wrestlers determined and cruel then increasingly tender until they are lovers - the single two men find each other and become a couple - counterpointing fighting with the other couple's loving and vice versa

A dancer comes on squashed into a small box version of himself - his face widely pleased and comic

A near-naked man hangs upside down slowly turning from a golden kite triangle of against vivid blue….

moving ….

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