Monday, 12 May 2008

"the real lecoq" (carlos cegarra, performers' playground)

monday 12th may 2008

"the real lecoq"
workshop led by carlos cegarra
performers' playground
warhorse theatre works

LISPA graduate and physical performer, Carlos Ceggara, will take us deeper into this technique abused by many and understood by few. We will explore presence, intensity and interaction as tools to become a more precise performer—as well as some things Carlos won’t reveal to me until the night!

another happy workout at the thanet with wendy + hayley's performers playground.
tonight from carlos we worked through:

spring to feet from kneeling

walking, using the space, finding neutral, neutral with energy, neutral zapped up and heightened

spontaneously fall in to step with an other - let it happen naturally. play with getting in to synch so you no longer know who is leading
with partner develop a movement together that works together - add a shout - "this is the way we mo down the enemy!" - "this is the way we go to work!"

develop a counter movement - start with clapping - develop together
perform with an everyday conversation - experiment with what happens when in rhythm and when in counter-rhythms when agreeing with each other and disagreeing with each other (hard to stay in synch when not conversationally in harmony)

playing with a ordinary action - i was ironing- work thru 6 moments:
i - there is a noise but you don't hear it
ii - you hear the noise this time but are not worried
iii - you hear the noise and start to take notice
iv - this time you are really worried
v - no - it's nothing - it's fine
vi - you are hit by a plane flying into the house
develop to find the progression through, aiming for what will be read with clarity and interest by audience
(fantastic this - hope it locks in for use in the future)

then playing through a series of impro setups, played in silence, and trying to make the silence dramatically true, so looking for ways to move the scene in ways that do not draw into conversation:

+ 2 chairs. a restuarant. A notices B. Little by little A realises that B is flirting with you. Secret signs. Little by little build until B stands up and then goes to meet someone beyond A - it was not you B was flirting with after all

+ 2 chairs. 4 people have been invited to the home of a rich old lady. the room is filled with expensive things. the people do not know each other. enter one by one

+ 4-5 chairs. a doctors surgery but the reception window is closed. enter 6 strangers one by one.

+ solo. you hear your lottery numbers come up as the winning ticket. you have won millions. you can't find your ticket. your ticket is lost.

notes to self: still tussling with how to accept and build on what others bring to the scene without that having to mean agreeing with their position. would have been more interesting in my doctor's surgery scene if i had taken and opposed - even battled out - the challenges that others were offering. at least i am picking them up i guess. but i still have several zillions of miles to go before i start to bring what i want in to impro scenes. so much happier and at ease with more stylised approaches like last week's using ritual w'shop with arhi and today's exercise working through the 6 moments

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