Friday, 30 May 2008

"the pursuit of happiness"

found this in a style magazine (credted to "life DIY" by pete cohen, element books)...

happiness =

p + (5 x e) + ( 3 x h)

p = personal characteristics (e.g. adaptability)

e = existence (e.g. friendships or financial stability)

h = higher order needs

rate yourself on the following on a scale of 1 - 10

Q1. are you outgoing and open to change?

Q2. do you have a positive outlook?

Q3. how well are you needs met in relation to health, finanace, safety, freedom of choice and sense of community?

Q4. to what extent do you take part in the type of activities that give you a sense of purpose?

add your answers to Q1 + Q2 to get you p value

Q3 is the value for e

Q4 is the value for h

do the sum and the closer you get to 100 the happier you are.

keep smiling ...

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